Citizens of the Kingdom! I, your King is writing this. This week we inducted new ministers into our Kingdom's government. They are Dylan Arya, as Minister of Citizenship and Konrad Kluck as Minister of Defence. The King wishes that these men, do their job well, and serve King and country well.

In other news, the Hamalian president, President Fairlie, as agreed that the UoAM program should shut down. Hamalia and Innhau decided to make the Union of Australian Micronations, but all invitees have declined or not replied. The King and President have declared that no further comment will be made.

Due to the rising number of citizens, from this day forward, all persons interested in becoming an Innhausian citizen, must fill an application out, to be printed from the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship website.

Printed 21st of June, 2012

This press release was approved by the King, the same date as above
With a team of friends, today the King has decided to call this blog column, the Innhau Times.

Also, we'd like to thank everyone who's made Innhau possible. A special thanks to Mr. Tristan Glark, minister of foreign affairs and diplomacy of the Aerican Empire. I'd also like to thank my parents for being supportive, Sam a close friend who's been working with me behind the scenes and my teacher for inspiring mr to create a micronation.
HM Marcus I
This is an official warning from the King:

Citizens of Innhau, the King is with you in these dire times. The rain and wind affecting the eastern seaboard of Australia is also affecting the Kingdom. I urge all residents to stay inside unless necessary. Keep checking and look at the Terrey Hills radar. With you in these dire times,
HRH Chief Justice King Marcus I V.D. (2012)
Yesterday, 6 members of the Kingdom of Innhau, left, to create a new micronation to oppose mine. Therefore, all these traitors shall be denied entry to the Kingdom of Innhau.
King Marcus
A couple of days ago, I decided the 3 judges in the Hogh Court of Innhau. As listed in the constitution (work in progress) the King and the PM are 2 of the judges, with the King being Chief Justice. The King than selects the last judge. So the three judges are:
HRH Chief Justice, King Marcus I of Innhau, V.D. (2012)
The Honourable Justice Josh Turner, V.D. (2012)
Justice Sam Lane, V.D. (2012)