This is a transcript of a speech given by HRH Marcus I
Ladies and Gentlemen, world leaders and my fellow Innhausians, my equals. Well to start off, who am I? I am HRH King Marcus I of Innhau. I was born in Sydney, Australia, but in class when we were told to create a country, a spark went off. As this unit concluded, Innhau was formed.

My family were never that rich. My father worked hard, for what he and I have today. I to shall work hard when I am older, because of this. Innhausians, I am willing, when I am old enough to buy land, to buy up a huge property in good farmland in Australia. I am then going to take that land, and develop it to accommodate a small population of permenant residents. I will make sure we generate our own electricity with solar panel farms. I want to create shops, businesses and lives in a real nation called in Innhau. My nation. Your nation. I'm hoping to raise these funds through donations. But you're thinking, where will I get the money to run Innhau. If we are able to get a permanent population, each citizen shall be charged $300 a year for all services eg electricity, income tax is all in that bill.

Innhausians, I have laid out my plan to you. Maybe one day Innhau shall be a real nation with delegates sitting in the UN.
Thank You

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