Many people have wondered what my full title is. This was confusing, especially when I was trying to be diplomatic to the Aerican Empire. I will break down my title for you:

HRH/HM-His Royal Highness/His Majesty. I usually use HM, but it depends.
Marshal of the Imperial Innhausian Air Force-I am chief of defence, and I am the highest rank in all services, but I have a particular interest in military aviation.
King Marcus-I'm Marcus and I'm king. I think you can work it out.
I-I is roman numeral for one, as I'm the first Marcus to be king.
V.D. (2012)-My school sends a team into an academic event known as they Da Vinci Decathlon. V.D. stands for Vinci Decoration (2012) as we won this year.
COI-Companion of the Order of Innhau. I am the highest rank in the Order of Innhau.
Chief of the Innhausian Defence Force-This is mainly ceremonial, as General Skettos, physically commands our army (errrr... At the moment just he and I), but I have can override any order.
Chief Justice of the High Court-Under the Great Constitutional Charter of Innhau, the king/queen is Chief Justice of the High Court.
I hope this helped!
If you have any further queries, don't hesitate to contact me at
HM King Marcus I (short title)

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