It is I, King Marcus. I am pleased to announce that Innhau is back online, as I have not had time in recent months to work on Innhau due to other commitments. Please do not fill surveys out, as our old email address was taken down. We are working, and hope over the coming weeks the website can be restored,

Peace on you
King Marcus
It's me the King.

I'm blogging today, because I want to ask something. Many of you would comment on YouTube videos wouldn't you? Well, you can comment on our blog posts and participate in our surveys. We want to get some feedback, from you guys, the
I am sad to imform you that we are officially at war. All peace talks have failed, and there is no other way. Please, anyone, try to stop Bu-Pao in this atrocious behaviour.
Bless You Molosians - the King
Inhausians, I bring you sad news.
Yesterday, as of 11am, AEST, Innhau became at war with Bu-Pao-Un-Nao-Wun-Nao-Shan-Ne (Bu-Pao). I regret this action, but I had no other choice as Bu-Pao was threatning us. In this dire time, we shall stick together, until the day Innhau falls. As a result of the Innhau-Hamalia Alliance, Hamalia has also declared war on Bu-Pao.
Bless you, Innhausians.
Long Live Innhau!
The official 2nd language of Innhau is Esperanto.
  • A piece of land, preferably in farming areas, about 24 acres.
  • Infrastructure, own power supply.
  • A permanent population
  • Small shops businesses, farmers and people to work for the government.
  • Real border control and an army.
This is a transcript of a speech given by HRH Marcus I
Ladies and Gentlemen, world leaders and my fellow Innhausians, my equals. Well to start off, who am I? I am HRH King Marcus I of Innhau. I was born in Sydney, Australia, but in class when we were told to create a country, a spark went off. As this unit concluded, Innhau was formed.

My family were never that rich. My father worked hard, for what he and I have today. I to shall work hard when I am older, because of this. Innhausians, I am willing, when I am old enough to buy land, to buy up a huge property in good farmland in Australia. I am then going to take that land, and develop it to accommodate a small population of permenant residents. I will make sure we generate our own electricity with solar panel farms. I want to create shops, businesses and lives in a real nation called in Innhau. My nation. Your nation. I'm hoping to raise these funds through donations. But you're thinking, where will I get the money to run Innhau. If we are able to get a permanent population, each citizen shall be charged $300 a year for all services eg electricity, income tax is all in that bill.

Innhausians, I have laid out my plan to you. Maybe one day Innhau shall be a real nation with delegates sitting in the UN.
Thank You
Many people have wondered what my full title is. This was confusing, especially when I was trying to be diplomatic to the Aerican Empire. I will break down my title for you:

HRH/HM-His Royal Highness/His Majesty. I usually use HM, but it depends.
Marshal of the Imperial Innhausian Air Force-I am chief of defence, and I am the highest rank in all services, but I have a particular interest in military aviation.
King Marcus-I'm Marcus and I'm king. I think you can work it out.
I-I is roman numeral for one, as I'm the first Marcus to be king.
V.D. (2012)-My school sends a team into an academic event known as they Da Vinci Decathlon. V.D. stands for Vinci Decoration (2012) as we won this year.
COI-Companion of the Order of Innhau. I am the highest rank in the Order of Innhau.
Chief of the Innhausian Defence Force-This is mainly ceremonial, as General Skettos, physically commands our army (errrr... At the moment just he and I), but I have can override any order.
Chief Justice of the High Court-Under the Great Constitutional Charter of Innhau, the king/queen is Chief Justice of the High Court.
I hope this helped!
If you have any further queries, don't hesitate to contact me at
HM King Marcus I (short title)
Citizens of the Kingdom! I, your King is writing this. This week we inducted new ministers into our Kingdom's government. They are Dylan Arya, as Minister of Citizenship and Konrad Kluck as Minister of Defence. The King wishes that these men, do their job well, and serve King and country well.

In other news, the Hamalian president, President Fairlie, as agreed that the UoAM program should shut down. Hamalia and Innhau decided to make the Union of Australian Micronations, but all invitees have declined or not replied. The King and President have declared that no further comment will be made.

Due to the rising number of citizens, from this day forward, all persons interested in becoming an Innhausian citizen, must fill an application out, to be printed from the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship website.

Printed 21st of June, 2012

This press release was approved by the King, the same date as above
With a team of friends, today the King has decided to call this blog column, the Innhau Times.

Also, we'd like to thank everyone who's made Innhau possible. A special thanks to Mr. Tristan Glark, minister of foreign affairs and diplomacy of the Aerican Empire. I'd also like to thank my parents for being supportive, Sam a close friend who's been working with me behind the scenes and my teacher for inspiring mr to create a micronation.
HM Marcus I